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Without any doubt the most chic wedding that we´ve had so far today. This wedding between a malay woman and a french man made us have the eyes wide open every second. The preparation of this day and the place where it took was like the one that you imagine in James Bond films 😉 We play and enjoy so much taking the pics of the wedding day and the day before with the tea ceremony having the faith of Karis and François in our point of view and our method. These were the most important ingredients to have this amazing photographic report.


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It´s amazing how your city can be different each time if you are able to see it with new eyes. We lived this experience with Visakha and Alvin, a Malaysian Chinese couple. They were here for few days and we did their pre wedding exploring Madrid as childs. Enjoying each corner as it was the first time. We lived a beautiful day all together.

Es increíble como tu ciudad puede ser diferente cada vez que la miras si lo haces con nuevos ojos. Vivimos esta experiencia con Visakha y Alvin, una pareja de chino-malayos que estuvieron aquí unos días e hicimos su preboda explorando Madrid como niños. More

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The beautiful city of Aranjuez was witness of love and kindness that Patricia, Jose and their relatives and friends enjoyed this day. Even the tourists, who were around the city, were part of curious moments with the couple. 🙂

La bella ciudad de Aranjuez fue testigo del amor y el cariño que Patricia, Jose y sus familias y amigos disfrutaron de ese día. Hasta los turistas que visitaban la ciudad fueron partícipes de curiosos momentos con la pareja 🙂


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We met Denise and Rhuyann in Penang. Since the first moment their trust and their positive behavior created the perfect atmosphere making possible a great shooting day. They wanted to get a special pre wedding and we provide all our heart to take it.

Conocimos a Denise y a Rhuyann en Penang. Desde el primer momento su confianza y su positividad crearon el ambiente perfecto para capturar un gran día. Querían un preboda especial y nosotros pusimos todo nuestro corazón para retratarlo.


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When we knew Khai Sheng and Xin Yun we were traveling across the globe. This charming couple appeared in our lives like a gift of the Universe. They came from a beautiful state on the north of Malaysia, called Penang. It was a blessing to be able to be part of their big day and also take their post-wedding photographs. It was certainly an outing to remember 🙂

Cuando conocimos a Khai Sheng y a Xin Yun estábamos viajando alrededor del mundo. Esta encantadora pareja apareció en nuestras vidas como un regalo del Universo. More

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Xin Yun and Khai Sheng are a couple with a pure heart and soul. They are from the north of Malysia. From the first time we saw them we connected in a deep way. They were looking for pictures with emotions, feelings and empathy and when they saw our work they recognized us as their wedding photographers. It was a real pleasure be part and take the pictures of this day and the post wedding .

Xin Yun y Khai Sheng son una pareja con un corazón y un alma pura. Ellos son del norte de Malasia. More

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This wedding is for us the most genuine from Madrid that we´ve ever had. Marina and Manuel met themselves in a tradicional bar from La Latina, they got married in a beautiful church older than 250 years of age and they celebrated in El Casino on Alcalá Road. Celebrated in a big way and tasted from Madrid. The greatest moment was when Manuel, with his nerves on edge, got their names mixed up and got married as Marina… This funny moment gave for all of us laughs, jokes and good pictures 🙂

Esta fue para nosotros la boda madrileña más castiza que hemos tenido. Marina y Manuel se conocieron en un típico bar de La Latina, More