Mónica del Agua
Alma para mirar los instantes. Alma para capturarlos. Alma es lo que os ofrezco para las fotografías de ese día… Mi manera de fotografiar aportará una perspectiva única de vuestra historia para que el recuerdo de todo lo que ocurra permanezca con arte y sensibilidad. Para mi es fundamental que os sintáis en confianza, se que el día de vuestra boda es un día lleno de emociones y sentimientos. Os acompañaré con corazón y mi sutil presencia.

Sin duda, será una gran placer para mi contar parte de vuestra historia.


Karis & Francois


This has been one of the most exciting weddings we have done, because it was the first one we attended where occidental and oriental cultures blended (between a French man and a Malay woman). Moreover, it was celebrated in Thailand, a country we adore because of the people, their view of life, the food, their smiles… It was such an amazing experience. 


We decided to visit the property a few days before the wedding just to find out what a PARADISE it was (yes, in capital letters). Just imagine James Bond’s house, right at foot of the beach… Structured in straight lines, glass walls everywhere, an infinite pool facing the sea, tropical woods… I want a house like that when I grow up! 


Bride Karis and groom François, wanted everything perfect so they hired My Wedding Bliss, wedding planners who love their job and do not go unnoticed. The previous day to the wedding, they did a simulation to match rhythms, which we had never seen. After that, bride and groom went with their buddies to Aleenta’s house, at foot of the beach to enjoy the pool, the sea, beers and unicorns and pizzas floats. It was hilarious. 


That same evening, they celebrated the Tea Ceremony, oriental ritual in which families meet, exchange respect and offer their best wishes to the couple. This was completely new for us. It was beautiful. Those older than the couple sat on chairs by pairs, and bride and groom offered a cup of tea to each of them on their knees. In exchange, they would give the couple a red envelop with money, sign of joy and abundance. Once the elder finished, it was done with the youngers but the other way around: bride and groom gave red envelops and received tea from the little ones. We found gorgeous, how respectful each movement was made.


Celebration started the next day. The bride got ready upstairs with her maids and family, while the groom supervised every detail along with the Wedding Planners. It was surprising the amount of people running up and down. Little by little guests arrived, wearing similar colors, grey and blue as main colors.

Ceremony was beautiful and brief, leading to a cocktail with coconuts in the beach. Little details like “Leave your shoes before stepping into the sand” fascinate me. Live music, twilight, the sea and its waves, fresh coconuts, Thai canapé… Without a doubt, an Asian luxury.

After dinner, surrounded by lights hanging from the trees, it happened, fireworks! Big moment, but the best was yet to come when Karis and François danced as if in Dirty Dancing, performing a professional pirouette, amazing.

Without a doubt, it was a wedding with plenty of magical moments.

fotografos de boda