Mónica del Agua
Alma para mirar los instantes. Alma para capturarlos. Alma es lo que os ofrezco para las fotografías de ese día… Mi manera de fotografiar aportará una perspectiva única de vuestra historia para que el recuerdo de todo lo que ocurra permanezca con arte y sensibilidad. Para mi es fundamental que os sintáis en confianza, se que el día de vuestra boda es un día lleno de emociones y sentimientos. Os acompañaré con corazón y mi sutil presencia.

Sin duda, será una gran placer para mi contar parte de vuestra historia.


Best wedding photographers


I am very proud that our job is recognized at a national and international level. We are perfectionists at everything we do; in the shot, selection and when retouching every single detail.

For that, it is a great gift that all the energy and effort that we put into this work is recognized and valued not only in Spain, but beyond its frontiers. Since I was a kid, my parents made me believed in the idea of hard work pays off, and now from my experience I can assure you that is true. In Monica del Agua, we became one of the best wedding photographers.

We are truly happy; we have been accepted in Fearless and Inspiration, two of the most important wedding photographers’ communities in the world, where only 10% of the candidates are accepted to maintain the maximum quality level among its members. Furthermore, we belong to the Spanish associations Uniwep and Fotografos de Boda de España

However, the most important above all is that our best pictures are yet to come, our development and learning is constant and this is what it makes us carry on.

For the ones who are still interested in knowing more about the associations we belong to and the awards which guarantee us, here you have the description of each one and some of their profiles.


It is an American directory with the top wedding photographers around the world. They select photographers who are not afraid of improving the limits of the professional wedding photography. The main goal is to amaze with extraordinary pictures, looking for a fresh and original touch


It is a selective directory with their headquarters in Sao Paulo and founded by a well-known photographer called Frankie Costa. It is formed by only the photographers with the highest quality in the world, making the access to Fearless very difficult. Only 10% of the applicants are approved to elevate the art of wedding photography at the highest level.


It is a platform with the selection of the most original and creative photographers of Spain. They value people who are able to capture the best moments of the wedding without forcing or altering the reality. The pictures must be as natural as possible, loyal to the personal characteristics of each event and couple. They award the anecdotes, the environment and the essence of each event.

We were awarded in 2017 for this association in 6 out of 8 categories in which we were nominated. This contest is the most prestigious in Spain, it happens annually and only pictures of the season are nominated. We were surprised to see that our pictures got the Unionwep’s gold stamp.


It is a photographers’ association united in order to guarantee professionalism and the Excellency of photography in Spain. It is a very important and active community in Spain.

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