Mónica del Agua
Alma para mirar los instantes. Alma para capturarlos. Alma es lo que os ofrezco para las fotografías de ese día… Mi manera de fotografiar aportará una perspectiva única de vuestra historia para que el recuerdo de todo lo que ocurra permanezca con arte y sensibilidad. Para mi es fundamental que os sintáis en confianza, se que el día de vuestra boda es un día lleno de emociones y sentimientos. Os acompañaré con corazón y mi sutil presencia.

Sin duda, será una gran placer para mi contar parte de vuestra historia.


Creative wedding album

An album which can be touched, carried and can be shown to anyone for your entire life

'There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer'. Ansel Adams

We want to tell your story, so we take very seriously the album and its layout. It is where we physically show the narration of this important day. Details and people will be portrayed in a touchable album that you will be able to carry and show your entire life. Creative wedding photos. This way, throughout time, new generations and you will be able to appreciate again, in a high-quality book, your special day.

What does our creative wedding album include?

As same as the moments in your wedding day will be, the album’s layout will be unique as well for each story. Because of this, as soon as we give you the edited digital photos, we will also give you a PDF layout to asses. You can modify the situation, size or even take out or add any photo or photo sheet. This way, you will also be involved in the final product to ensure that everything is as you wish. The album’s layout is done in a simple but original way, over a white background where you will find between one and six pictures per page, with simple compositions. We believe that the most important things are the pictures, that is why we like them to be appreciated without distractions. Related to the cover’s color, we offer our corporative red or a quite elegant linen beige.

Each album includes 30 sheets in which we layout between 60 and 80 pictures approximately. In case you want more sheets, it is only needed to establish a new budget. The albums are printed in photo paper Fuji DPII luster finished, chemically processed, through which we get a high quality and durability in the colors. Hard and elegant covers to protect the album, along with a protective box and a matching design according to the album. Albums are bounded manually for a perfect result.

Wedding photos album. Different price options and pack offers

We have different price options and pack offers quite interesting for those who would like to give them to their families. Ask us and we will send you all the detailed information.

We are totally available for those who wish to enlarge a picture that you love to put it in your living room. We can send you different prices and materials. As well, it is also possible to enlarge pictures on “regular” paper or RC to frame. We work with one of the best labs in Madrid, whose professionality and competence allow us to do almost anything and offer best creative-wedding-album.

We would love to have the opportunity to do an awesome job telling your story.

fotografos de boda