Mónica del Agua
Alma para mirar los instantes. Alma para capturarlos. Alma es lo que os ofrezco para las fotografías de ese día… Mi manera de fotografiar aportará una perspectiva única de vuestra historia para que el recuerdo de todo lo que ocurra permanezca con arte y sensibilidad. Para mi es fundamental que os sintáis en confianza, se que el día de vuestra boda es un día lleno de emociones y sentimientos. Os acompañaré con corazón y mi sutil presencia.

Sin duda, será una gran placer para mi contar parte de vuestra historia.


Professional wedding photography in Madrid


Are you getting married? Are you looking for a professional photographer? Congratulations and welcome to a new experience in our unique wedding photography where feelings and art coexist in each picture. Our formula combines sensibility and empathy in order to capture unique moments, and so they can last forever.

Photography for weddings

Monica Del Agua’s team members are Adrian and Monica, two freelance professional who joined their souls and became a real-life couple. We, as open-minded and sensitive people, are very respectful with everything that happens. As we try to photograph the moment without our presence being noticed so the moment is not altered and that way you can exactly remember the moment as it was. In Monica Del Agua, we believe that each little detail is important and we love focusing on everything that occurs from different points of view. For this reason, we are always two photographers in each wedding.

Photography in professional weddings in Madrid, Spain and worldwide

Wherever your wedding is celebrated, we will go. We travel all around Spain, Europe and to any other place of the entire world looking for couples who want us to tell their story. We are destination wedding photographers whose passion is to photograph that unforgettable day. Even though we are in Madrid, we cover weddings all over Spain and any country. We commit to be there the whole day from the wedding preparations till the party. In that way, we will not miss any detail.

Do you know us?

It is our privilege to share with you our passion. Do you want to be part of this experience?

Visit our web page to discover our work. You can find different examples of our wedding albums, couple and family reports. Consult our photography blog in order to know the last trends. We are excited to meet and knowing about you in order to inform you about our work as professional wedding photographer, and our range of prices and tariffs


“Photography is, first of all, a way of looking. It is not the look itself”
Susan Sontag


“Photography is to place head heart and eye along the same line of sight”
Henri Cartier-Bresson


«There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer»
Ansel Adams

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