Mónica del Agua
Alma para mirar los instantes. Alma para capturarlos. Alma es lo que os ofrezco para las fotografías de ese día… Mi manera de fotografiar aportará una perspectiva única de vuestra historia para que el recuerdo de todo lo que ocurra permanezca con arte y sensibilidad. Para mi es fundamental que os sintáis en confianza, se que el día de vuestra boda es un día lleno de emociones y sentimientos. Os acompañaré con corazón y mi sutil presencia.

Sin duda, será una gran placer para mi contar parte de vuestra historia.


Sophie & Marc


The first time we met Sophie and Marc was in their friends’ wedding in the South of Thailand. We were taking a break when we started talking about our lives and trips. We connected right away. That conversation and their friends’ pictures was what made them hire us a year later, when they started organizing their wedding in the French Basque Country.


The previous day to the wedding in the church, Sophie and Marc got married at the Biarritz town hall surrounded by family and their closest friends, it was a very cozy and informal ceremony; we were surprised by all the people who attended it. After this, taking advantage of the sun, they decided to go to the promenade with their friends to enjoy the company and toast with Champagne Moet Chandon (of course). The reunions and surprises for the couple who lived in Hong Kong were very intense and funny.


It was September and in the South of France, the weather was unsettled. The sky was dark blue and plenty of rain. Each time we checked the weather forecasts on TV, they expected bad weather on the big day; such was the case that there was a purple circle all over the map. The wedding day was raining cats and dogs. Umbrellas and puddles everywhere! However as bad it could seem, it is so much fun to use the puddles’ reflects and taking pictures of the big and fluffy clouds, their depth, everything was wet and surrounded by bright colors… If you ask me I would not offer more eggs to Santa Clara…I love rainy weddings!


Fortunately, the storm soon turned into a light drizzle, and the sun came in and out; it was an ideal scenery to take pictures, those that stay on your mind forever. The wedding at Bidart’s church was beautiful, live chorus, a friendly priest and surrounded by the sea everywhere you looked. After the ceremony and blessings, we wanted to take some photos of the couple on the way to the property. It only took 10 minutes to shoot amazing photos with a fantastic wind.


Once we arrived at the cocktail party there were no clouds, so we got the chance to enjoy the view and the incredible place at Maison Tamarin. Before the cocktail party ended there were already surprises for the couple, and once dinner started they did not stop celebrating, sharing, dancing, jumping, singing… We realized that French people carry the party in their DNA, energy everywhere, which is a gift for us to capture those moments. A memorable moment was when suddenly everyone got in line asking for Paquito’s song and started to hand each other very fast and they jumped on the group of hands that lifted them up. Even the groom’s mother got in it. What an awesome people!


Before the party started, everyone was invited to go back to the garden to light up Chinese lanterns and let them go away with our wishes. Little by little the sky was full of lights, wishes and stars.

Once back inside, Marc took his trumpet and started playing music with his friends, along with a man singing. That is how they started the big party. The guests who were very excited, lifted the couple up while Marc was still playing…

And now, they have this big memory in pictures, my heart only wishes that life brings us more weddings like this one.

fotografos de boda